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Wedding cards, like everything else related to a wedding can prove to be a tricky thing. You need to get it just right to ensure that you do justice to your own image, as well as provide a wow feeling to those who receive the wedding card. When it comes to christian invitation card you would do well to get in touch with King of Cards who have a wealth of experience andexpertise to design and implement the right card for you. Cards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, not to mention colour schemes, which is why King of Cards would closely work with you in designing the card. They use the latest computer software to create prototypes that could be scanned and choosed to get a fancylook. As far as kerala christian wedding invitation cards are concerned there are certain specific things to be kept in mind. For instance, the card could be in Malayalam and could also reflect the specific Christian denominational aspects in mind while designing the card as the card could be for Catholic, Protestant, Marthomite or Jacobite wedding to name a few. Choosing an appropriate Bible verse to go with the card is also generally a well accepted tradition as far as christian wedding cards go. King of Cards would certainly confer with the hosts on which verse they would like to go on the card, font sizes as well as the overall look and feel of the card. There are some folks who like to keep the card simple and austere while others prefer it to be snazzy and colourful. Whatever the taste and the demand, King of Cards would go extra mile to ensure that everything turns out perfectly. They are also quite a stickler for timelines; hence it is just apt that you should ensure that the design and orders for the cards go out well in time to avoid any last minute hassles and bother. When it comes to pricing also, King of Cards make that extra effort to ensure that they meet your budget as they are reasonably priced always. In any case the specifics of the pricing would vary with aspects like quality of paper, size and decorative aspects of the card, hence keep that in mind while fixing your budget for the wedding invitation card of your dreams!

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