Padding Invitation Cards

Some people are of the opinion that designing, printing and distributing cards is one of the easiest things in the world. However, looks can be deceptive, as there are so many fine nuances and finer details that go into creation of world class, attractive cards that will delight the recipient of these cards. One of these types of cards are the padding cards that have taken the world by storm by their unique look and feel. With padding cards, you are very unlikely to go wrong in the compliments department.

A padding card is one in which there is some gap left in between the card as well as the card holder. The padding effect is put into effect so that it gives a wholesome look as well as a well-rounded feel to the whole card in question. There is an external covering to the card that is made of paper that is mostly hard bound in material, which lends it beauty as well as durability. This is precisely the padding effect that is being referred to here.

One of the key considerations that you have to keep in mind while looking at creating winsome padding cards is the size of the card. You should have a card that is of the right size or else the whole effect could go for a toss. The card should not be so large that you as well as the recipients have difficulty in handling the same.

The orientation of padding cards is also of prime importance. There are some card types that look good along with the designs in the portrait orientation while there are others which would only suit a landscape kind of orientation. Whatever the case maybe, do pay close attention to these aspects, as without it the whole winsome and pleasant aspects of the cards in question may be jeopardized. King of Cards is a company that has a whole wide range of padding cards. In some of these offset printed padding cards (flower theme, hindu wedding theme, name plate in padding card), the offset printing technology comes into play. Offset printing essentially is the technology where the ink is not directly transferred onto the paper, rather there are specific plates and rollers that are used. These plates and rollers are able to transmit both the theme as well as the individual colours that go towards making the card extremely lovely to behold.

One of the other things that you need to know is that King of Cards offers a wide menu of themes, prints, designs as well as budgetary options. Not every card is priced the same as there are differences in quality of materials used and relative complexity of the designs that go towards ensuring that you have just what you need.

You could have a couple of consultative sessions with the King of Cards team to take their advice as well as discuss your ideas of the card designs. Be sure to decide on the pricing aspect of these cards in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises later!