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Sending out invitation cards can be quite a task. You have to keep in mind a barrage of aspects to ensure that everything is just right. After all, sending out a card is not a simple task of sending out the card and leaving it at that. It is indeed a quiet reflection of who you are, your social standing as well as refinement in tastes and sensibilities. That is one of the main reasons as to why so many people end up splitting hairs on what kind of card to send and how it is to be designed down to the smallest details of font size, color and the like. One of the latest trends in sending out cards for various occasions in India is that of sending scroll cards. As you may be aware, in ancient times, when paper usage was limited, royalty used to send out announcements as well as letters in the form of scrolls. Some of the main scroll material - fabric, satin is still used in contemporary times. This is while the invitation card itself is a throwback to the ancient times when the usage of scrolls was common. A member of the royalty would get written a specific message on a scroll and send it out to other kings, noblemen and the like as in the good old days of yore. Nowadays you can send scroll cards for almost every other occasion and King of Cards would be one of your most exclusive choices for getting this underway. They would take it all the way to execution and delivery of the well-cherished scroll cards right to your doorstep. From birthday party invites to anniversary celebrations as well as wedding cards the opportunities for using scroll cards are well-nigh innumerable. King of Cards has built up a reputation for designing as well as executing high quality scroll cards over the years. These scroll cards are reminiscent of the ?farmaans? or the royal edicts that used to be sent over millennia. The look and feel of scroll cards is very special and this special feeling is sought to be emanated by the sending out of special scroll cards made of exquisite fabric or royal satin. The fit and finish of the cards is also well considered, so that the feeling of royalty maybe replicated in the best way possible. When it comes to pricing of the cards, there is something to suit every pocket and budget type. You will be well astounded to know the wide ranges or designs as well as prices that are on offer. King of Cards does do that extra smile to ensure that not only is the quality high, but at the same time you are not miffed or annoyed by considerations of price. That is not to say that price ranges do not exist. They do, and you would be well advised to sit down and denote a well-defined budget for the kind and number of cards that you want to get rolled out. Happy scroll card sending!

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