Dawat-e-Walima card

The Walima is a celebration of unity and joy, marking the culmination of a wedding journey. It's a time for friends, family, and loved ones to come together to share in the happiness of the newly weds. At King of Cards, we understand the significance of this occasion, and our collection of Walima invitation cards is designed to reflect the spirit of togetherness and celebration that defines this event.

What to Write in Walima Invitation Cards:

Warm Welcome: Begin your Walima invitation card with a warm and heartfelt welcome that extends your joy to your guests.

Announcement: Clearly announce the Walima celebration, specifying that it's the final chapter of the wedding festivities. Make sure to include the date and time.

Venue: Provide the venue details where the Walima will take place. Mentioning the name of the location or venue adds a personal touch.

Dress Code: If you have a specific dress code for the Walima, mention it in the invitation. This helps guests prepare accordingly and adds a sense of unity to the event.

RSVP Information: Include contact details for RSVP. This ensures that you can plan for the number of attendees and make the necessary arrangements.

Special Note: If you have any special messages or notes for your guests, such as expressing your gratitude for their presence, include them in the invitation.

Collection of Walima Invitation Cards at King of Cards:

Walima Invitation Card Designs: Our collection of Walima invitation card designs captures the elegance and joy of this celebratory occasion. From traditional to contemporary, we offer a range of options to match your preferences.


What is the price of Walima invitation cards?

The price of Walima invitation cards at King of Cards varies based on factors such as design complexity, customization options, and quantity. Our range offers options to suit different budgets while ensuring top-quality craftsmanship.

What are the other forms of invitation cards available at King of Cards?

King of Cards offers a diverse range of invitation cards for various occasions. Our offerings include Indian wedding cards and wedding cards design, anniversary invitation cards, engagement invitation cards, house warming invitation cards, naming ceremony invitation cards, and more. Each collection is thoughtfully designed to capture the unique essence of the event it represents.

In conclusion, Walima invitation cards from King of Cards provide a meaningful way to invite your loved ones to share in the joy of your wedding journey's culmination. Designed to reflect the spirit of unity and celebration, our collection ensures that your Walima celebration is announced with elegance and warmth. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, your Walima invitation becomes an integral part of the festivities.