Marathi Lagna Patrika

Indian weddings are known for their opulence and splendor and to make a wedding ceremony, a lifetime event, lots of planning is required. Everything, from wedding cards to wedding favors has to be carefully selected to make a wedding special. At King of Cards India Private Limited, we offer beautiful traditional wedding cards for various styles of Indian weddings.

Lagna Patrika or Marathi wedding cards have a very important place in Marathi weddings. Lagna Patrika is known for its unique traditional beauty and features hand crafted Lord Ganesha?s Idol in creative patterns symbolizing the creative and artistic Marathi commeunity. King of Cards India Private Limited offers the best selection of Marathi Lagna Patrikas that have classical traditional design blended with modern colored papers, textured Sheets giving it a modern, Elegant and sophisticated statement. The Lagna Patrikas or wedding cards offered by us exhibit exquisite craftsmanship and work using exclusive paper and raw material. The key factor here is innovation and constant search for the best traditional wedding cards.

Keeping the taste of our valuable customers in mind we also offer beautiful handmade Lagna Patrikas that will win your guest over with their simplicity and traditional appeal. The sweet handmade paper marriage ceremony cards with best wedding messages in Marathi language will always be treasured by your guests and immortalize the most special day of your life.

Browse through our Wedding invitation card sample designs and your marriage will become an event that you and your loved ones will remember for the lifetime. At King of Cards India Private Limited we not just offer the best Marathi Lagna Patrikas for traditional Marathi weddings but wedding cards catering to the needs of all Indian religions and cultures and also in many Indian languages like Hindi, English, Marathi or Gujarati and many more. Our cards are available in plethora of colors and designs; all you need to do is browse through our website or talk to one of our experts to find the best wedding invitation card for the most special day of your life!

We take pride in the quality of our products and strive hard each day to offer you the best selection of wedding cards in India.

We have invitations to cater to every ceremony which is unique to this region like the Lagna Amantrana or Wedding Invitation, Pratibadhata Amantrana or Engagement invitation, Gruhshudhi Amantrana or the Housewarming invitation, Vadhadivasa Amantrana or Birthday Invitation.