Marriage is symbolic amalgamation of rituals and traditions which are culturally rich and give traditional look and glamour to the whole occasion. So, the wedding card should also be thoughtfully designed so as to reflect the beauty of the occasion. At King of Cards India Private Limited, we make every effort to give the best collection of wedding cards to our customers that cater to every style and needs of our customers. Known for creating awe-inspiring, stylish designs for the discerning clients, King of Cards India Private Limited is one of the most sought after wedding card Design Company for Tamil wedding cards and wedding cards for other regions across India. Our own design service is what makes every invitation unique. We craft our invitations according to your taste, style, and ceremony making sure every detail, every sentiment is designed to reflect you, your traditions and your cultures on your special day.

The cards offered by us are available in all colors and sizes. For the customers who prefer bigger sized cards, we even offer large cards up to 11"x13" in sizes. Religious symbols like Lord Ganesha, Lord Balaji, Lord Alamelu, meenakshi sundareswarar kalyanam which form an inseparable part of traditional Tamil wedding cards are also beautifully inscribed on each card to make it truly special for you and your guests.

While designing each and every card, we have given utmost relevance to design and traditional style to bring out the same brightness and happiness of every ceremony performed in the South Indian marriage. We have inhouse printing services and our invitation cards can be printed in any script like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada etc.

Browse through our collection of invitations to find your perfect match. We have invitations to cater to every ceremony which is unique to this region like the Tiumana Alaipittal or Kalyana Patrike, Nichayatharta patrike or Engagement invitation, Grihapravesa alaipittal or the Housewarming invitation, Varaverpu alaipittal or the wedding reception invitation, Seemantham alaipittal or the baby shower invitation.

Our online support staff is working 24X7 to handle any query pertaining to invitation card, so please feel free to call for any type of card inquiry.