KFR2170B / 2170 Box
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Rs. 627.00

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This wedding card is a premium box type wedding card. This card is in yellow shading with big elephant theme. A metal plate is placed at the top centre of the card with the names of bride and groom. This card is made with a perfect hard bound wood with satin material around the corners. This card usually has three inserts as a standard offer in different shading. Below the inserts there will be space to keep something for the visitors to make them happy. In addition, a small card is attached to it for mentioning the venue of the function. Welcome your guests with this card to make your wedding graceful. Contact us to know more about the card and printing option. 

Additional Information

  • Premium Boxed Invitation Cards
  • Yellow
  • 3
  • Elephant
  • Screen
  • Horizontal Cards