KNK2577 / p5014 violet
[personal card (small)]
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This contemporary designer card literally makes your heart beat with excitement. Right from the colour of background which is white in the interior and purple in the exterior sets the right tone. The placement of hearts is casual and fun and they also have space for inscribing the names. Envelope in white creates a heart- warming contrast. This designer card is great as an invite to wedding, reception, engagement and wedding anniversary celebration. Order for a sample to get the real feel and we will be happy to deliver it to your doorstep from our own printing house.

Additional Information

  • 18.00 G
  • 12.50 x 13.00 Cm
  • 210
  • Metallic
  • Personal Card
  • Screen
  • square cards
  • Violet
  • Heart
  • Reception Cards, Engagement Cards
  • personal card (small)