KNCPM416 / 416(01) CPM Gold Cut Ganesha Peacock Arishina Kuku
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This wedding card is in lovely yellow shading. This card is a designer card with a immaculate metallic wrap up. This card has a single long insert with a white cover. This card has a laser cut Ganesha and peacock at the two corners. This card is a vertical sort card with a dimension of 19.00*26.50 cm. Reach us to know more about the card and put in the request for the card.

Additional Information

  • 35.00 G
  • 19.00 x 26.50 Cm
  • Metallic
  • Wedding Cards
  • Screen
  • Gold
  • 2
  • paper material
  • Vertical Cards
  • Ganesha, Peacock, Arishina Kunkama, Arishina Kunkama, Arishina Kunkama, Arishina Kunkama, Arishina Kunkama, Arishina Kunkama, arishina kumkum